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911 tape reveals suspect narrowly escaped being shot by homeowner

Trent Alan Thompson. Source: Vanderburgh County Jail Trent Alan Thompson. Source: Vanderburgh County Jail

A 911 recording of an attempted break-in in Vanderburgh County, shows just how close the suspect was to being shot.

It happened Saturday night at a home along Breckinridge Drive.

The Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff's Dept. says a 21-year-old man tried to break-in through a patio door.

Waiting inside was the homeowner who was armed and took action.

Deputies say the bullet went through the glass door that the suspect was trying to break in through and they say he didn't try once, but twice to break inside.

It was during that first alleged attempt, when the sheriff's department says the homeowner grabbed her gun, took aim and fired at the man, who was using a rock to try to break through her back-door.

  • Dispatch: Do you have any idea who it might be?
  • Victim: No ma'am but if they come through the door, I've got a gun.
  • Dispatch: How many people are there, do you know?
  • Victim: There's just one person back there banging on the door, back patio door. I don't know where he is now.
  • Dispatch: How long has it been since you heard them...
  • Victim: He's trying to come in right now! (bang)
  • Dispatch: Ok, we're getting officers out there. Stay on the phone and I'm going to dispatch them while I'm talking to you on the phone, ok?
  • Victim: Ok...(bang)
  • Victim: He's trying to break in the window right now...
  • Dispatch: Stay on the line, stay on the line.
  • Victim: I'm going to fire if he comes through.
  • Victim: (Bang) gun shot
  • Dispatch: What was that?
  • Victim: That was me firing one shot.
  • Dispatch: Did you hit anything.
  • Victim: Not that I'm aware of.

21-year-old Trent Alan Thompson, of Newburgh, is very lucky she didn't.

He was arrested after deputies say he tried to break-in a second time, while deputies were inside.

Thompson is out on bond. He faces preliminary charges of residential entry, criminal mischief, and public intoxication.

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