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In high demand, Dubois Co. Health Dept. never received flu vaccine

With demand high, the Dubois County Health Department had to cancel its flu clinic after a shipment of vaccines never arrived. 

The Dubois County Health Department says there is still a great need for the vaccine. They get about 60 calls a day inquiring about it.

But, the problem is once it's gone, it's gone. Companies only manufacture a certain amount each year.

"It has been just so busy the last several weeks with people becoming concerned that they have not received the vaccine yet. They know that the incident of illness in the community is beginning to rise and is continuing to rise so there has been a great interest in the flu vaccine," said Donna Oeding, with the Dubois County Health Department.

Oeding says they began administering vaccines in September and after about 2,000 doses, ran out this past week.

Their distributor is also out of the injectable vaccine, but promised a shipment of the nasal mist. 

"The nasal mist that can only be used for healthy people age two to 49, they can not be pregnant, have diabetes, asthma, or any other kind of condition that would make them immune compromised," Oeding said.

But, the vaccine never arrived and it may not arrive at all.

"There is no way they will manufacture any more vaccine for this year. It's a long process to manufacture flu vaccine, so they can't go out and manufacture more so what supplies are out there that are available that is it. Once all those are gone, then the vaccine supply is depleted," Oeding said.

If you are 65 and older, there is still vaccine available at the health department. There are also about more than a dozen vaccines left at the Hometown IGA in Jasper for anyone older than two.

"We are doing them as walk-ins until we run out of vaccine," said Sherri Dunning, the pharmacy's manager.

As far as other pharmacies or other Hometown IGA's vaccines are limited.

"They are trying to round up some more, too. There were a few doses hit and miss throughout the IGA's in Evansville and Princeton," Dunning said.

It does take at least two weeks to gain immunity from the vaccine. The vaccine is recommended for anyone six months and older.

Oeding also says hospitals have reported many of the flu cases have turned into pneumonia.

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