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Grayville school district remains closed due to flu

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A southern Illinois school district remains closed because of the flu.

Grayville school officials tell 14 news the county health department made the decision to cancel classes.

Since so many students have been out sick, the Grayville Community School District is now closed through Wednesday.

14 News spoke with a parent of three kids who go to school in Grayville, and he's happy the school is taking extra steps to prevent the flu from spreading even further.

"It doesn't bother me that, they're not sick right now,and I'd rather them not be sick, because that takes me off of work and my wife off of work to stay home," William Doan said.   

So far this flu season, the Doan family has stayed healthy, but many others here in Grayville, haven't been so lucky.

"With all the sickness going on, they've got to do something," Doan said. 

A flu outbreak at the elementary school has caused the entire Illinois School District to close.

On Friday, 25% of elementary-age students were out sick. Since many of them have older siblings, the high school is closed, too.

"Even since we let out on Friday, several more students and staff have been confirmed with the flu virus," Grayville superintendent, Sarah Emery, said. 

Emery says everyone is banned from the school until Thursday. Even the basketball team, who was supposed to play a conference game, at home Monday night.

"So, I was pretty disappointed, knowing I'm a senior and this will be my last conference game," Logan Bell said. 

"It's like the conference, so it's kind of a big deal," senior player, Patrick Murphy, said. 

The team is trying to get the game rescheduled, but the superintendent says it's not looking good.

"The last that I heard they were wanting to go ahead and proceed with the tournament, which would mean that our kids would have to forfeit their game," Emery said.

School officials say they have forfeit the game, but the team can decide to play in a higher-seeded game on Thursday.

As for school, that resumes on Thursday. The school nurses will be checking all students temperatures. If they're running a fever, they'll be sent home.

The school is asking parents to go ahead and check that before they send their kids to school on Thursday.

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