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A community comes together

Welcome back to another work week, everyone:)  I've got to make this short so I can make it to my yoga class on time, but here goes.

Today ended up with a mad dash to get my story on air.  BUT, I'm so happy I was able to let people know about a local volunteer firefighter battling cancer and the benefit the wonderful people of Perry County are putting together for him!

Zach Taylor is a third generation firefighter.  His dad is the fire chief at his department (Anderson Township) right now, and has been for about 20 years.  They are the kind of people who don't want any kind of fuss being made over them, but the community feels like they deserve some help right now as Zach battles two forms of cancer.  He's in Memphis going back and forth to St. Jude's right now.  His mom is with him, and dad travels back and forth while still working as much as he can.

It was so nice to so many of Zach's fellow firefighters at the fire station today.  I really only needed a few to meet me for interviews, but over 10 people showed up to support Zach.  One of them was even named Aaron Meyer—ha! 

The benefit for Zach is January 26th at the Perry County 4-H Fairgrounds.  I'm hoping they get a great turnout, and that Zach may continue to see improvements.  Another firefighter said he thought Zach would be getting a break soon and would be able to come home for a little bit.  That's awesome! 

So nice to start the week off with a story like this—and entire community coming together to help.  Even the students at the schools in Perry County are pitching in by bringing in pennies to donate.  One little 3rd grade girl even donated her allowance.  What a great life lesson!  The 5th grade class I was with just earned a pizza party because they topped 50 dollars.  When you're talking pennies, 50 bucks is a lot! (Although quarters and dollars are accepted, too!)

Ok, gotta run.  Thanks for checking in!  More tomorrow.

Until next time,


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