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Mt. Carmel hit hard by Saturday's storms


The second round of storms that rolled through the Tri-State late last night hit Mt. Carmel hard.

Sunday, residents there spent the afternoon picking up debris after strong winds and heavy rain ripped through their town.

Residents say it wasn't the initial storm Saturday afternoon that caused most of the damage. Residents say strong winds hit around 10:00 p.m., winds strong enough to move sheds and rip the roof off one building.

"The storm ripped off, tore out two of our walls and ripped the roof off our back building off our machine shop," Greg Odom said.

Owner of B & G Machine, Greg Odom, and his staff spent the day moving machines and inventory from the back building to a dryer area. A roof that was replaced six years ago was carried off by that strong storm.

"More like straight line winds caught it and pulled it off and kind of stuck it on Hogg Heaven," Odom said.

Odom joined several others as the city worked to clear debris.  Drive-thru signs at McDonaldsw ere blown off. Once tall trees littered yards, some narrowly missing homes and windows. Several utility poles ripped out of ground by a passing train.

Despite an all-day rain, Dennis Hale was working to clean up the car wash.

"Just leveled a bunch of homes out there, and houses, trees, as if it was a big gust of wind that came on down and touched down and picked up. A lot of damage," Hale said. 

Winds gusts that carried sheds from one side of this fence to the other. Signs along the streets couldn't stand up to the storms power. Even the roof of the Mt. Carmel Fire Department was damaged.

"Just one of those bad deals, you know. It could have been a lot worse, but we'll be okay," Hale said.

Officials say there weren't any reported injuries with this storm and cleanup will continue this week.

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