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Best day ever!!! (And Happy Birthday to Emma Bump!)

For the past two hours I have successfully delayed writing this entry!  It's because I have a lot to talk about, and I just needed to get my energy back up so as not to be boring! :)

Now, I'm ready. 

I think today may have been one of the BEST days at work I have ever had.  At any job.  That's sayin' something!!   I covered three fun, happy stories where I didn't have to twist anyone's arm to talk to me, stand outside in the snow or rain, or run around like a super crazy person finishing everything on time.  Ok, maybe a little of the last one, but still.  Two out of three ain't bad!

So, here's the lowdown on my day of fluff, as I'm lovingly referring to it.  And by fluff, I definitely DO NOT mean stories that aren't worth my time (because they totally were!), just stories that aren't "hard" news, per se. 

First, we have Pearl, the baby lamb.  Yesterday when I was at the Humane Society of Henderson County covering that awful pit bull bite story, the Executive Director mentioned there was a baby lamb in the office.  I took a couple of pictures to put online or Twitter. 


Well, when I mentioned the story in our meeting today, my co-workers liked it enough to send me back down there to get some video and an interview.  If you missed the story, Pearl was more or less abandoned by her mom (mom had triplets, but only "took" or fed two of the lambs).  A worker at the humane society decided to adopt Pearl.  (She, by the way, got her name because she was born on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day.)


Now, Pearl spends her days hanging around the office of the humane society.  They let her run around in the parking lot so I could get some video of her—so cute!  She enjoyed nibbling/licking around on the tripod and the bottoms of my pants!  Ha!  Right now, she's only 16 pounds, but they say she'll get pretty big eventually.  Apparently Pearl is teething right now and chewing on whatever she can—the trash can, shoelaces, a squeaky toy.  Anyway, I enjoyed meeting her:)

From there, I came back to Evansville to interview our very own "Hottest Husband"!  You probably remember last week I wrote about Dave Huffman, the webmaster at Deaconess, being in the running to win Katie Couric's Hot Husband Twitter Contest.  He and his wife, Shawnda (from Hot 96), flew out to NYC earlier this week for a taping of Katie's talk show… and found out he won! 


Not only does his ego get a big boost, the two of them get to go on an all-inclusive Jamaican vacation!  Sounds pretty sweet!  Dave said being on the show was fun, but kind of nerve-wracking.  In fact, he said before the taping he thought he might pass out because he hadn't eaten anything!  Lucky for him, he held on to take the crown!  Go Dave! 

Soo… after that interview I headed west, to the Heritage Center Nursing Home.  There, I met someone who is now perhaps the most popular woman in Evansville, Emma Bump!  Emma turned 105 years old today!  That, in itself, is pretty mind-blowing.  Then, think about this.  Her family told me they don't think she is on ANY prescription medicine, just aspirin every day.  Amazing!  Remind me to start popping aspirin! 


Now, while she is in very good health for her age, Miss Emma does use oxygen and has difficulty with her hearing.  That made for an interesting interview experience.  I kind of leaned in very close to ask her questions and then stepped back to get out of the camera shot each time.  It took a while in some cases for her to understand me, but she gave some good answers, like this one in regards to her secrets to living so long:

"Many will ask me what my secret is for longevity, but I just tell them, I don't have any idea.  But, I think I made it."


And then there's this goodie,

"It's been a great life so far, and I hope it continues in that vein."

Emma, so do I!

Emma grew up in Evansville and worked for 32 years at Indiana Bell Telephone Company.  She and her husband were married in 1938!


The picture of Emma in her room from above was posted on our 14 News Facebook page and now has close to 16 THOUSAND "likes" on Facebook, and more than 1,700 comments!  That is AMAZING!  So many people wishing her a happy birthday! :)  LOVE that!  Yay Emma!

What a nice day, especially for a Friday.  Wish they could all be like this…

On that note, I'm going to head out.  Have a great weekend!!!

Until next time,  


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