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Topping out ceremony had some O'boro residents beaming


High drama as the City of Owensboro invites the public to the topping out ceremony at the Convention Center construction site.

The City of Owensboro says they have reached a milestone on the Convention Center's construction. They invited the public out Friday afternoon to watch the last steel beam put into place.

Mel Howard was watching TV at his Whitesville home yesterday when he heard about the topping off ceremony for the Convention Center. He had to stop by today to check it out.

"I haven't seen anything like this happen in Owensboro in my 60 odd years and I was just curious what this was going to look like," said Howard.

Howard and a large crowd of people made up of community members, city officials, and the companies planning and building the convention center watched the final steel beam placed on top of the building.

"We're excited about the celebration of the topping off ceremony here at the Owensboro Convention Center. There are a certain milestones or stepping stones along the way. And about a third of the way through the construction project is this, topping out the steel," Tim Ross, director of Public Events for Owensboro.

As Howard listened to the speakers and watched the final steel beam be hoisted into place, he says he wondered about the city's future.

"I was just sort of thinking. What's going to happen here in the next 5 years, 10, 20, 30. There are going to be millions of people coming to this location," said Howard.

"Officials say the construction of the convention center is moving along on time and there have been no delays in the process. The next milestone is the grand opening of the building that will take place next January."

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