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Tell City celebrates successful "Neighborhood Stabilization Program"


Tell City is celebrating what officials call a successful federal program that has allowed the community to spruce up homes and build a new downtown facility.

Tell City Mayor Barbara Ewing says the town has been using the 'Neighborhood Stabilization Program' for the past four years. Something that she says has created a win-win situation for the town and its residents.

"I think the town of Tell City is looking better," said Bea Worsley, NSP Home recipient.

Bea Worsley lives with her husband, Bob, at a NSP produced home, on Eleventh Street. She says the program has made a noticeable improvement to the town and that she is grateful to live here.

"When we came to town 35 years ago, I said, 'oh! Don't make me go to that horrible town!' And over the years, over time, it has gotten better," said Worsley.

The 'Neighborhood Stabilization Program' awards grants to communities, like Tell City, to address foreclosed properties. Mayor Ewing says they received $2.7 million from the NSP and that the town partnered with 'habitat for humanity' to build eight new homes with some of that money.

"We typically build one home a year. So, in the last, well, at the height of it, it allowed us to almost triple what we were building in a year or two," said Sue Denoncour, Exec. Director, Perry Co. Habitat for Humanity.

After selling those homes, Mayor Ewing says the town generated 'program income', which was used to help build the new visitor's center, free of tax-payer money.

"We are very appreciative of the opportunity that's been brought to Tell City, through the State of Indiana," said Mayor Ewing.

The NSP is set to expire in march of this year. And Mayor Ewing says the new visitor's center will be complete this spring.

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