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Evansville woman celebrates turning 105 years young

Emma Bump Emma Bump

A post on our 14 News Facebook page earlier today already has thousands of likes.

It's a picture of an Evansville woman, who turned 105 years old Friday.

With her wheelchair decked out and love from family and friends on display, Emma Bump is happily celebrating one heck of a milestone.

"I'm thankful for the way people accept me and my 105 years," said Emma.

That's right, 105 years. That's an accomplishment well-deserving of a celebration.

Emma's looking forward to tonight's trip to Haub Steak House.

"Haub House is really famous for their steaks and I'm planning on a Haub steak," she said.

Hey, at this age, a little red meat can't hurt. After all, it turns out, Emma is pretty much a picture of a health. 105 and no prescription medicine routine.

"The only thing she's taking on a regular basis is an aspirin. Just an aspirin every day. it must help," said Eleanor Werner, Emma's niece.

It probably doesn't hurt that Emma stays active and keeps up on current events.

"I like to read the newspapers," Emma said.

Sometimes it is the simple things, like getting her hair done this morning and having a great breakfast. She says bacon is what makes her live this long.

"Many will ask me what my secret is for longevity but I just tell them I don't have any idea but I think I made it," said Emma.

But this wonderful life isn't over yet!

"It's been a great life and I have been enjoying it," said Emma. 

Emma spent 32 years working for the Indiana Bell Telephone company and grew up on East Delaware Street in Evansville.

She got married in 1938!!

She does have some trouble hearing now, but at 105 I'd say she's looking great!

If you'd like to wish happy birthday to Emma, head to our 14 News Facebook page and look for her photo.@

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