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O'boro officials warn drivers to watch out for flooded roads

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The potential for more heavy rain Saturday has residents in flood-prone areas on alert and preparing for the worst.

Flooding wasn't an issue Friday for drivers on West Parrish Avenue, but those who live in the area know that Saturday could be a different story."

Mention this area on the west side of Owensboro to Daniel Halbig, and only one thought comes to mind.

"Oh, Lake Parrish? Yes!," said Halbig. 

He's lived on West Parrish Avenue for 35 years and remembers one particular instance when the lot where the national guard armory once stood was flooded.

"Years ago, my youngest son, and one of his friends were over there, and they had some fishing poles. They were acting like they were fishing! So it was pretty deep then," said Halbig. 

After a drain was installed in the area, Halbig says the problem wasn't as bad.

"Over the years, I think it's gotten better," said Halbig.  

But it hasn't been resolved.

The city has taken care of flooding problems on some other major roads in the past, and notes that Parrish Avenue is on its radar.

"Our strategic vision goes to the future. Our next steps will be Parrish Avenue, to there at the armory, build a basin of some sort. It might be below ground, might be above ground. May be a wet basin, may be a dry basin. It's still in planning," said Bill Parrish, City Manager. 

Driving Saturday could also pose hazards, including flooded engines and cars.

Those who are used to the conditions say common sense is the best preparation.

"If it happens, you just, if you're going home, and it's like that, you just take your time, you know?," said Halbig.

City officials say just take a different route if the roads are flooded. If streets become dangerous, they'll block them off. 

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