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O'boro residents make their mark on new convention center

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The rainy weather didn't keep some people in Owensboro from heading down to the Convention Center construction site.

It may have been a cold and dreary morning along the Ohio River, but Darrell May knew he couldn't pass up an opportunity that doesn't come along very often.

"I've watched this building being built from day one, and I decided to come over here and get my chance at history by signing my name on the last beam to go into the topping out today," said May.

He works just a couple blocks away from the construction site, but wanted a closer view.

"I had to get over here about where I am now and get a look at it," said May.

Seeing the day to day work taking place just yards away was exciting.

Darrell "It's amazing to watch how they can handle those big steel girders and everything and then all the detail now left to go to finish it off," said May. 

Darrell was one of the first people to sign the beam.

Convention Center staff say it was important to include the public in the two-day topping out ceremony.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for everybody in Owensboro to come down and sign one of the last beams going up into the structure," said Madison Strobel, Owensboro Convention Center. 

The ceremony wraps up late tomorrow morning when the beam will be lifted into place.

"We're asking everybody to come down and be a part of that," said Strobel. 

The staff expects the warmer temperatures to bring more people.

As of today, at least one person has already penciled that into his Friday schedule.

Darrell "I will be here. I'll look out my window if I don't come over," said Darrell May. 

The second part of the topping out ceremony starts at 11:45 a.m. Friday morning.

City and county officials will be on hand to speak about the project and get their chance to sign the beam. 

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