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Bald eagle found dead in Gibson County; authorities have idea of cause of death


Indiana Conservation Officers are reporting that, on Wednesday, a highway worker found a mature Bald Eagle dead near 8738 Base road in Gibson County.

A Conservation Officer responded to the scene and spoke with the worker that alerted officials of his find. The eagle was directly under power lines and showed no signs of blood on the outside of the body.

The officer transported the eagle to a licensed veterinarian who conducted an x-ray of the bird. The examination found no metal projectiles inside the body.

Corporal Paul Axton stated that several years ago another Bald Eagle was found in Posey County directly under power lines.

An examination of that bird by Fish and Wildlife Officials listed the cause of death as contact with power lines (electrocution).

Axton says he has picked up several birds of prey near power lines and utility poles whose cause of death was attributed to contact with power lines.

The large wing span of birds of prey is a significant factor in the cause of death in this manner. 

The bird will be turned over to United States Fish and Wildlife Officials for further investigation. 

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