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Identity released of woman killed in early morning accident

We now know the name of the woman killed overnight in an accident on I-164 in Vanderburgh County.

The coroner's office says 23-year-old Stephanie Williamson, of Chandler, was killed around 1:30 Thursday morning near the Green River Road exit.

Sheriff's deputies say she was driving east when she hit a semi that was parked on the side of the interstate.

The driver of the semi, who was checking on a mechanical problem, was not hurt. 

Officials say this is the eighth fatal crash in Vanderburgh County in the last two months. So the Sheriff's Office is warning drivers to slow down. 

Vanderburgh County Chief Deputy Dave Wedding says eight fatal accidents since December is simply too many.

"To me that's a pretty startling number in a less than two month period," said Wedding.

He says seven of those have occurred on the southeast side of the Evansville/Vanderburgh County area, which is uncommon.

He says they generally see about 15 fatal crashes over a ten year period.

"When you have 8 in less than 8 weeks, that's troublesome," said Wedding.

Of course he says we have to consider the weather events we've had.

Wedding says the snow seemed to slow drivers down but not for long. The black ice, he says, is what causes trouble.

"You can't really tell it's on the road and people are driving way too fast and they hit that, that causes severe crashes," said Wedding.

Steven Harlan has lived in Evansville for 17 years. He says the common denominator seems to be speed.

"People get in a hurry and you think you have enough time in the winter and you don't until you get out on that road," said Harlan.

He says the other problem could be distracted drivers.

"You've got to watch the other driver, pay attention to yourself, stay off those cell phones absolutely," Harlan said.

With freezing rain in the forecast for Monday morning, Chief Deputy Dave Wedding said, "I hope people recognize that and slow down."

Officials say Interstate 164 is especially dangerous in icy conditions. The bridges and overpasses on that road are where a lot of accidents happen.

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