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Commissioners hoping to increase revenue through better marketing

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Vanderburgh County Commissioners are hoping to increase revenue and they think an outside company can help. 

Commissioners say they're looking at SMG, a professional marketing company. 

Commissioners tell 14 News that they have the right resources, they just need to market them better. They'd like to hire SMG to promote activities at Burdette Park, the old Vanderburgh Courthouse, and the Coliseum. 

The commission vice president Joe Kiefer says costs are lower since SMG already has offices in the area. That's the company that manages The Centre. The VP says they're already remodeling the old courthouse, so the timing is perfect. 

"It makes sense now that we're spending money to improve the facility physically, to go ahead and do a better job of marketing the facility, as well, same thing with the Coliseum. I mean these are great facilities, they have a lot of history," Kiefer said.

The idea to hire SMG was brought to the county council Wednesday morning. They didn't vote, but the commission president tells 14 News the council seemed open to the idea.

They'll meet with SMG next week to discuss details, and a vote could happen some time next month.

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