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Oakland City residents see silver lining after July storm

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It's been more than five months since a microburst storm hit Oakland City. Now that the dust has settled, residents are beginning to see a silver lining.

That July 31st storm caused hail and wind damage to nearly every home and building in Oakland City, requiring major clean up. Clean up that now many residents and contractors are thankful for.

"As you are coming into Oakland, you can just tell, it seems like such a nice town just because everything is getting cleaned up," Oakland City homeowner, Katie Carlisle said.

"I see practically every neighborhood has been given a facelift really and it's good to see brand new roofs, siding, windows," Oakland City Mayor, Hugh Wirth. 

Although immediately following the storm, everyone's thoughts were on the safety of residents. Months later the focus is on a very noticeable makeover.

"It's going to look like a whole new town," Carlisle said. 

Carlisle's home was severely damaged by hail. Now, all of the siding is being replaced. She even gets to pick a new color.

"It's definitely kind of a blessing," Carlisle said. 

A blessing, because despite the strength of the storm, there were no major injuries.  

For those who had home insurance, the repairs are like getting a new home.

"Houses that you've known forever, look totally different," Carlisle told 14 News.

Contractors have been so busy, Carlisle has been waiting months to get her home repaired.

"We've been in a long line."

Contractors busy every day, trying to get to every home.

"Definitely the storm put work in my pocket," construction worker, David Fletchr said.

An industry that was suffering is now seeing a micro-boost in business.

"If we worried about getting a few jobs during the year, this year we haven't had to worry about anything ahead. We've had as much work as we can handle," Fletchr said. 

Contractors tell 14 News that not only have they been busy the last five months, but have work for months to come. 

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