Tonight at 10: Flu season bad and may get worse

It's already shaping up to be the worst flu season in a decade. We'll hear from health officials whether it's too late to get a flu shot and what local school officials are doing to keep the bug from spreading.

A new theory on what's causing the unexplained booms across the tri-state.

An Oakland City police officer badly hurt while directing traffic at a school crossing.

New information on a planned visit to Owensboro by former President Bill Clinton.

We'll hear from the pastor of an Owensboro church where two suspects were arrested during a burglary.

Reaction from the Evansville Otters to the decision by the Baseball Writers Association not to elect any former players to Cooperstown. Is this more fallout from the steroid era?

And the Aces on the road in conference play against Northern Iowa.

See you at ten, David James