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Flu deaths prompt high risk patients to be on guard

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Indiana and Kentucky are among the many states reporting wide-spread flu activity.

While most of us can tough it up and recover, there are already 18 pediatric deaths this flu season. Two of those deaths occurred in Indiana where the youngest patients are getting hit hard this week.

Flu patients continue to pack area doctors offices and urgent cares, but it's those high risk patients who need to be especially on guard.

Pediatrician Dr. Jeb Teichman says it's made the rounds through school age children and adults this week, it's the younger siblings, and infants flooding the waiting rooms, "This virus is a very cagy little critter. It can live on environmental surfaces for about 8 hours."

Making hand washing along with good cough and sneeze hygiene the best way to ward off these germs.

You know when the flu has got you, with the high fever, bodyaches, sore throat, cough, but Dr. Teichman says it's not too late to get the flu vaccine.

So far, the vaccine is covering all three strains of flu.

Dr. Teichman's office reports to the CDC and he suspects we may actually get hit with a second round of flu this season, meaning two flu-peaks instead of one.

Remember, if you get symptoms and want to shorten the duration about a day, your doctor may prescribe Tamiflu - though some doctors are reserving that prescription for the most at-risk patients, babies or anyone with chronic disease or compromised immune systems.

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