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New hotel near O'boro Convention Center will attract customers with "Lure"


As the Owensboro Convention Center prepares for its two-day topping out ceremony which starts Thursday, its neighbors are also busy.

Construction is moving into the next phase for the new hotel and restaurant.

As construction continues, the restaurant staff is busy with its own plans.

Ben Skiadas will manage Lure, the seafood and grille restaurant inside the hotel.

Since we last talked with him over the summer, work has been anything but slow.

"I think the community's eager to see anything new happen anytime, but that puts a lot of pressure on us to hit our mark, so we're working very diligently to prepare for the open," said Skiadas.

He explains that helping to continue downtown growth is important.

"It's really exciting anytime, you know, you're a part of a project," said Skiadas. 

But what's really exciting about Lure?

"We're gonna be creating new jobs in Owensboro," said Skiadas. 

Skiadas currently manages Famous Bistro and a staff of about 22.

That number will be even higher at Lure.

"We'll at least double that at the next restaurant," said Skiadas. 

The hotel just finished the structural work and is now in the mechanical phase of construction.

That focuses on things like electrical and plumbing work.

Developer Malcolm Bryant says finding the perfect tenant for the restaurant space was key.

"We're marketing and guest service, customer service partners," said Bryant.

Skiadas knows that economics can be hard to predict, but one thing is certain.

"Times change, and there's highs and lows in every area, and, you know, one thing we know is, you know, we want to be a part of this community and to help it grow," said Skiadas. 

"Based on the current schedule, the hotel should be finished by December.

Lure was also just given some extra riverfront sidewalk space for their patio. The restaurant will use it for special events with lots of people, like the Barbecue Festival. 

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