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New fertility treatments available for Tri-State couples


Until now, couples interested in doing in vitro fertilization had to go to Indianapolis for the procedure, not anymore.

Deaconess Gateway is teaming up with Boston IVF to open a new clinic.

For Don and Amy Menger, getting pregnant was a struggle.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've played with my dolls I was gonna be a mom," said Amy Menger.

But it just wasn't happening, so the couple looked into IVf.

"We started with a series of injections," said Amy.

To undergo the actual in vitro fertilization procedure they would have to drive to Indy, until now.

"This is the first full time IVF lab that we have here in Evansville," Amanda Oxby, RN.

At the new lab, doctors can do both IVF and intrauterine insemination. Three doctors from Boston will be rotating seeing patients.

As for the procedure, Amanda says it can be done anytime.  

"Any day of the week. Weekends, holidays, any time we'll be open for retrievals and transfers," she said.

Of course, as great as the fancy technology is, the Mengers won't need it.

They haven't told their family yet, but they have a surprise: "We are very excited to announce that we are expecting a baby. And we're 5, almost 6 weeks into it. Yesterday we saw it's little heart beat," said the Mengers.

The staff at the new clinic hope other couples' story will have just as happy and ending.

"It seems very unreal," said Amy Menger. "When we got our first positive pregnancy test. We probably had 20 negatives and the first positive you get is just... Are you for real?!"

The new Deaconess IVF Clinic is hosting an open house tonight. The clinic opens to the public tomorrow and will start seeing patients next week.

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