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Have you gotten a sales call about a burglary in your neighborhood?

We have a warning Tuesday night from law enforcement about a disturbing telephone call telling residents there's been a burglary in their neighborhood. 

So far, 14 News has heard from homeowners in Evansville, Jasper, and in Gibson and Warrick Counties. It's a call police are calling a scam.

One woman tell 14 News that she thought she was getting an alert from police when she got that call. It wasn't until a little later during the call that she figured out what was really going on.

"You are warned! Don't hang up! Burglary in the neighborhood!" said Patricia Mitchell. 

Mitchell says that's what she heard when she answered her home phone that immediately sent her into a panic.

"I'm looking out the window. I wonder if I'm next," Mitchell said. 

She says thought that deep, official sounding voice on the other end was simply trying to warn her.

"There's a burglary in your neighborhood," Mitchell said.

But it's what that man said next that turned her fear into anger.

"You are entitled to a free security system," Mitchell said.

It was then she realized there was no burglary, no reason for alarm.  This was a sales call.

"So I called 911 and they said that they've gotten many reports, tell everyone you can," Mitchell told 14 News.

But she wanted to tell the company just how much their call upset her, so she tried calling the number back, but never got through.

"They're spin masters. They know what they're doing," said Evansville Police Sgt. Jason Cullum. 

Cullum says, unfortunately, most of these cases involving long-distance calls are never solved.

"With the way people can run these phones through the internet, where it can give you a number that's not even traceable, it's almost impossible for us to back track those," Cullum told 14 News.

If Mitchell wanted to report the call as harassing she says she was told she couldn't.

"In the State of Indiana, if they call one time and they don't call again, that's not harassment, but that's harassment."

In the meantime, she's filed a report with Evansville Police and hopes others who get the call will do the same. To disconnect the company from ever making those calls again.

"What a lousy way to sell something!" Mitchell said.

So, what should you do if you get a call like this? Cullum says do exactly what Mitchell did, hang up and notify police.

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