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New healthcare option coming for some Posey Co. teachers


A new healthcare option is coming for employees and retirees of the Metropolitan School District of North Posey County. 

More than 150 of them in the group's insurance plan can soon take advantage of a brand new wellness clinic, at no cost.

The reasoning involves cost and convenience. 

It's going to be a good addition to a traditional doctor's office in many cases, with a lab and exam room. 

So far, those who will be eligible to use it seem pretty happy about it.

"There's a lot of us that were real excited about this. It's gonna be great," Cinda Barton said.

Cinda Barton is a substitute teacher with the Metropolitan School District of North Posey. She's also going to be the first patient at the district's brand new wellness clinic. Appointments start next week.

The clinic cost about $150,000, taken from the district's rainy day and general funds. 

If you ask Cinda, it's money well spent. 

"People may let something go longer if there wasn't some place like this, and now, they can come in and have it taken care of before it gets out of hand or before it gets worse," Barton said.

"Prior to this, I was spending about 90 minutes going back and forth to Evansville, so now I can have it done over my lunch hour and just a 10-minute appointment," said Angela Wannemuehler, another MSD of North Posey County employee. 

But convenience isn't the only reason for the clinic. 

Superintendent Dr. Todd Camp says it's a response to the drastic increases in insurance premiums the district's seen over the past three years. 

"As a result of that, we've been working real hard to try to figure out ways to make our employees healthier and which would then in turn decrease our increases," Dr. Camp told 14 News.

"We had to drop down, well, for the past three years we've dropped down in the insurance and so this is going to be really helpful to us as far as that goes," Barton said.

The clinic, which is through a partnership with Tri-State Community Clinics will have hours Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

A nurse and nurse practitioner are on staff and 14 News is told a doctor is available on call.

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