Nummy, nummy pancakes

Alright, so in honor of it being Tuesday and being a somewhat slow news day, I'm going to skip any "shop talk" and go right for the gut.  My gut, that is… in a somewhat indirect way?  Ha…

Basically, I'm going to talk about food!  One of my favorite things:)

Every month or two a lot of the ladies in my family get together and go out for breakfast.  This past Saturday we had seven of us representing three generations!!!  Well, we decided to do something a little different and go to Inlumi in Newburgh.  It was the first time I'd been there for breakfast, and WOW was I impressed!

The place itself is really cute—it's near Pizza Chef on 261.  If you're a regular they'll hang your coffee mug on a chalkboard wall with your name on it so you can use the same one every time.  I'm not a coffee drinker, nor am I a regular yet, but I did have some yummy spiced hot tea.

The real show stoppers, though, were the pancakes.  Look at these things!  They were gigantic!!  My grandma and cousin ordered the "queen" size, which is pretty darn big to begin with.  Then, out came my aunt's "king" size pancakes, complete with a small stock pile of syrup!  Ha!  Even after she passed them around, she had a lot left over! :)

On top of trying her pancakes, I ordered the breakfast platter.  The bacon, fried potatoes, eggs and toast were all very good.  The omelets others at the table opted for looked tasty, too.  Overall, a great experience at a place I would highly recommend.  The best part to me (other than good food of course) is just the atmosphere.  It's a pretty small place, so it's not too loud.  It's locally-owned and not a chain (not that there's anything wrong with chains… just… you know, something different)!  One of the owners even came out to check on us at the end.  All of those things are just good business!!

So, safe to say, I will be back!

If anyone has a great locally-owned food spot in the Tri-State—send me an email...  I'd like to try it out (if I haven't already)!

All this talk of food… and now I have to go get my zen on for yoga class.  Sigh.  It's hot yoga—more than 100 degrees!!!  Doesn't feel too bad in the middle of winter, though! :)

Until next time,