City Hears Downtown Parking Plan

Andrea Ijanes has been working at Classy Consignments in downtown Owensboro since the day it opened. She said that she has never had any problems finding a parking spot, but some customers have.

"People will come in and we're a consignment store, said Andrea Injanes, Manager at Classy Consignment, "It's difficult to park a further distance away and not be able to come in here and park in the front."

The city of Owensboro wants to make parking easier for people coming downtown. Their main goal is to make parking more efficient so people can enjoy Owensboro's downtown businesses, restaurants, and parks. The city wants to create more handicap spaces and 30 minute parking spaces at every intersection and also by working with private lot owners.

"We have a lot of spots that are not regulated. They are regulated by different entities, different, organizations, that aren't talking to each other. We want to bring everything under one umbrella," said Joe Schepers, City of Owensboro Engineer.

Schepers believes that if the parking plan is carried out correctly it will help take care of some of the current parking problems downtown. The city currently has 797 parking spots on street.





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