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Deputy: Church parking lot theft leads to shopping spree on stolen credit card

A theft from a church parking lot led to a several thousand dollar shopping spree on a stolen credit card. 

It happened in Warrick County and much of the crime was caught on tape.

Deputies believe the woman went on a shopping spree with some else's credit cards after she swiped a purse from a church parking lot.

Deputies say she made seven stops starting in Evansville, then Henderson, then Owensboro. She then went back to Henderson and then to Owensboro again, before the last credit card was declined at Books and Music in Owensboro.

"What we see a lot of times when these are stolen, they use the credit cards immediately as they can because they know as soon as the victim discovers it, they are going to call the credit card company and going to be deactivated," said Warrick County Detective, Lt. Michael Wilder. 

Lt. Wilder says the wallet was stolen when the owner was dropping off her child at Crossroads Church Daycare in Warrick County last Wednesday.

The woman left her car unlocked, and she didn't notice anything was missing until around lunchtime.

By that time, deputies believe the woman had already spent more than $2,500.

Stopping at places like Target, Macy's, and Office Depot where the suspect spent more than a thousand dollars. 

"What they do a lot of the time is they buy gift cards, that they can then turn around and buy what they want at a later time, or use at different places or even sell the gift cards for money," Lt. Wilder said.

While at Starbucks, two of the stolen cards were declined. Although on the third attempt, the a $100 Starbucks gift card transaction went through.

Detectives say most of the transactions took place in Kentucky and believe the suspect may be from another county other than Warrick. 

"We are starting to see people go further and further away from their home area to do these crimes hoping they won't be discovered before people realize who they are," Lt. Wilder told 14 News.

Detectives say the suspect was driving a maroon car and put about $5,000 worth of purchases on three credit cards.

Authorities say they are still looking for the woman. If you know anything, you asked to call the Warrick County Sheriff's Office.

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