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OMHS hiring more than a dozen new doctors

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OMHS is recruiting physicians this year and those positions may lead to even more job openings in the medical field. 

Take a look at Owensboro Medical Health System's recruitment plans and you'll see the group expects to bring on 15 or more physicians within the next 12 months.

As we found out, the recruitment is expected to create even more health care jobs and spur the local economy.

Turn on the news and you'll see signs of economic recovery and improving unemployment numbers on a national level, but impressive job growth and opportunity may be happening right under our noses.

One local health system is recruiting more than a dozen physicians this year, based on a study that shows a greater need for physicians locally.

Owensboro Medical Health System's recruitment is also expected to create 8 to 10 health care positions for each physician recruited.

Gordon Wilkerson, OMHS Spokesperson, said "It's really like recruiting a small business to Owensboro. What I mean by that is it takes a number of clinical workers for instance: nurses, X-ray technicians, pharmacist to support each physician," said Wilkerson.

Many of those jobs are high-education, high-wage positions and that helps the local economy.

Nick Brake, Greater Owensboro Economic Development, said "Each of those jobs is going to in turn help support multiple other jobs in the community whether its retail jobs, whether it's folks that work on cars, whether its folks that sell cars," said Brake.

The new hospital that is scheduled to open in June is a valuable recruitment tool for OMHS because the building is a new, state of the art facility that could draw in physicians. 

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