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Parents concerned over apartment project so close to Warrick Co. schools

Parents are outraged Monday night over plans for a large apartment complex directly in front of Castle North Middle School.

The plan would bring hundreds of people and vehicles right to the school's front door.

Developers want to build a nine-building complex with more than 200 units right down the hill from Castle North Middle School. Right now, it's right separate lots.

Earlier Monday night, parents told the school board that having this project so close to their kids is a major concern.

"And that's why we're here, we'd like to know when you learned about it," said parent Dawn Bratton.

With a 5th grader and 8th grader in Warrick County Schools, Bratton says she needs more information about a proposed apartment complex to be built directly in front of North Middle School.

"As a parent, I mean, nothing is as important as the safety of my children and the quality of their education," Bratton said. 

Superintendent Brad Schneider says the school corporation doesn't own the land, but says the corporation knew a few months ago about the plans for a nine-building complex with 208 new units.

"I think at this point in time the school corporation is confident that if this idea is built on the proposed property, that we do have adequate capacity to educate the additional children it may generate," Schneider said. 

Bratton says she and other parents learned of the plan just four days ago. They want to know about safety and traffic and the handling of additional students.

"I think the school board did know about it and didn't inform the parents," Bratton said. 

Bratton says while there may not be much she can do, she's going to try.

"We want to hear what is presented and we'll see what happens." Bratton told 14 News.

The plan goes before the Warrick County Area Plan Commission in one week.

This area is already zoned for apartments, but developers need approval for the layout they want to build.

Parents say they'll continue to make their voices heard.

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