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Hair and makeup!

I've got some downtime during the middle of the day today, so I thought I'd go ahead and start writing.  Today's topics:  hair, makeup and wardrobe!

Occasionally people will ask us reporters if someone is here at the station to do our hair and makeup.  The answer to that question is very short and emphatic: definitely NOT!

I've worked at three TV stations so far—a local news station in Dayton, Ohio (a larger market than Evansville), a locally-owned non-affiliate station in Chicago, and here.  In Dayton, everyone was on their own with hair and makeup.  In Chicago, one of the hosts of our morning talk show had a makeup person for a while, but that even dwindled to just a few times a week.  She did her own hair.


Here at 14, we have a dressing room where some of us do our hair and makeup.  (It doubles as a secret restroom.)  I say "some", because I don't think everyone uses it.  I tend to put on my "war paint" (as I like to refer to it) when I get here.  Others come in all ready to go.  Some do makeup at their desks at times.  Hey- I'll take a dressing room any day!  In Dayton, we didn't even have one.  You either used a restroom or we had kind of a makeshift "getting ready" corner in the newsroom in front of a mirror! 


As for hair, we do that every day ourselves, too.  In the dressing room there's a nice collection of curlers, curling irons, straighteners, etc., several of them being mine.  That is somewhat ironic because seldom do they actually get used (mine, that is)!

And wardrobe—we have a good amount of flexibility about what we wear.  I have thought it would be pretty nice to have one big cabinet of jewelry in the dressing room that we could all share.  We'd have a lot more options that way! 

Ok… well what started as something I was writing around lunchtime just got picked back up after the 6pm news.  Considering the Notre Dame/Alabama game starts in about 40 minutes, I'm going to sign off to go cheer on The Irish!

Have a good one!

Until next time,


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