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Drivers want changes to dangerous Vanderburgh Co. intersection

A deadly traffic accident in Vanderburgh County has drivers wanting changes to a dangerous intersection. 

On Sunday, 92-year-old Eileen Grubb was killed at the intersection of Diamond and University Parkway around 11:00 a.m. after deputies say she ran a stop sign. 

14 News is told one of the concerns with the intersection is the lack of lights out there. A nearby resident says, it's a real problem. 

"There are no signs and it's not lit at all at night. At night, it's impossible to see where to turn," Trish Overton said. 

Trish Overton lives just a few miles down the road from the intersection where Diamond intersects with University Parkway. 

"I really drive slow there," Overton said. 

A fatal accident late Sunday morning has residents concerned about how dangerous this intersection really is. 

"Even during the day, it's tricky to see which one to turn on. There are no signs there, no flashers," Overton told 14 News. 

Cher Elliot with INDOT says they've taken a number of calls prior to Sunday's accident about that particular intersection. 

"As far as immediately at the intersection, the lighting or additional pavement markings on Diamond or any other kind of signage at the intersection, we do not see anything that we can do," Elliot told 14 News.

Before the road opened, Elliott says INDOT made some adjustments to try and grab the drivers attention, an oversized stop sign, and larger than normal one-way signs. Some have suggested overhead lighting. 

"Possible just a flashing light, at least. Something," Overton suggests. 

But Elliott says that's just not possible.

"Unfortunately that intersection does not meet the requirements outlined by federal officials to have lighting installed at that location," Elliot said. 

INDOT tells 14 News they haven't done any research about University Parkway itself because that's handled by the county. Diamond Avenue, however, is in their jurisdiction and again, at this time, they won't be making any sign or lighting changes at that location.

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