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Daviess County Public Library enters a new era

The Daviess County Public Library is entering a new era.

Some major changes are taking place that give library visitors a different experience than what they might have been used to in the past. 

It's a new year, and that means it's time to start using some new technology at the library.

That includes iPads, a new app called Aurasma, and smartphones that allow people who come to the library to have a more interactive experience.

Even longtime library visitors like Larry Birkhead welcome these additions.

"I think just trying to keep things up to date, and I think it's good," said Birkhead.

Birkhead got a quick tour of the library's virtual art gallery today on an iPad and only had one complaint.

"I don't have one right now. All I've got's just a cell phone!," said Birkhead. 

Library staff members have a quick fix.

Visitors who don't have smartphones and other devices are actually able to check out an iPad while they're at the library.

Employee Kevin Clark explains that the new technology completely changes how people think about the library.

"You don't just come into the library anymore, grab your books, and get out of here. You come in for an experience. You come in to hang out," said Clark. 

Library Director Jim Blanton agrees.

"What we hope to do is have more displays throughout the building to do various things. For example, we have quotes all over the walls. We want you to be able to scan the quotes," said Blanton.

Visitors predict this will draw more people to the library.

"I think so. With the new things they're doing, more will come," said Larry Birkhead. 

The library also plans to launch its new website later this month.

The virtual art gallery will feature works from a different local artist every month.

The library is also starting an unscripted film series this weekend featuring regional filmmakers. 

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