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Evansville moving to automated trash collection system

Evansville is moving to an automated trash and recycling system. This system, the city says, will be safer and easier for everyone.

Instead of 18 gallon bins, residents will now have two 96 gallon carts.

If you haven't already, you will soon be getting two new giant containers delivered to your address. One for trash and one for recycling.

"This will be a containerized cart system. Everything goes into the carts. The lids are attached so there will be no more blowing of lids and tipping over of trash cans will be reduced and it will reduce odors," said Todd Chamberlain, Allied Waste.

"It's nice they have recycle bins because I've been wanting one since I moved in here," said Juliana Cheatem, Evansville Resident.

Cheatem got her new carts Monday. She says the cart system will make it easier to recycle and she hopes that encourages more people to join in.

"When people see these recycle bins, I hope people will throw something in there instead of just walking past it," said Cheatem.

This means no more curb side sorting.

"Just put all your aluminum cans, paper, plastic, cardboard inside the same cart," said Chamberlain.

Chamberlain says there are a few new guidelines that come along with this system and he expects residents to have questions. That's why information will be delivered to you along with your carts.

"There's actually information on top of the carts that will tell you what needs to be recycled or what can be recycled in the new program," said Chamberlain.

That information is attached to the carts.

The city says they expect to have all 84,000 delivered by March 31.

One frequently asked question is: What if my family can't fit all our trash in that one cart?

Allied Waste says for now, set the additional trash next to the cart and it will be picked up.

Come 2014, if you think your household needs another cart, you can buy one.

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