And the Hottest Husband Award goes to...

While some may be feeling like today is a Tuesday because of the holiday earlier this week, I am happy to say it is my FRIDAY!  Hooray!  Tomorrow SHOULD be spent cleaning my apartment and doing mountainous loads of laundry.  Hopefully that holds up.  It could, however, all come crashing down if there's a Law & Order: SVU marathon on tv.  I'm a sucker for SVU:)

Looking back at this four-day week, it really treated me pretty well.  If you've read this blog much, you know I'm a big fan of happy, fun stories.  Well, it doesn't get much more fun than interviewing someone in the running for the title of "Hottest Husband".  Ha!  Very hard hitting!!! :)

This is Dave Huffman; he's the webmaster at Deaconess.  A while ago, his wife Shawnda (a host on Hot 96) submitted him for Katie Couric's Hottest Husband Twitter contest.  He, mind you, had no idea.  Well, Dave made it all the way to the Top 3 finalists and has a chance to win!  That means he and Shawnda are being flown out to New York for a taping of the show.

So, here's the thing.  When he found out what his wife had been up to, Dave wasn't all that excited.  He said it was pretty embarrassing-- everyone teasing him about being so "hot"!  He even tried to get out of it.  I can understand that title being a little much.  Luckily though, Dave's come around.  He says now he's ok with the whole thing, in part because he realized some of the judging has to do with his and his wife's relationship.

Now, he needs votes!  You can go to this link to watch a video of him and Shawnda, as well as the two other hubbies up for the title!  Hoping he wins!  We don't get Katie Couric's show here in Evansville, but still, fun to see local people getting some recognition! :)

Good luck to Dave… and the Lady Aces.  I'm out the door to catch their conference opener at the Ford Center.  Last night I devoured an entire bag of popcorn at the men's game before halftime.  Whoops! :)  Tonight I'm steering clear of the concession stand!

Have a Happy Friday and great weekend.  See you Monday!

Until next time,