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Weekly Restaurant Report: Several businesses with critical violations

A list of local restaurants with and without health code violations as reported to 14 WFIE by the Vanderburgh County Health Department.

Xpress Pantry; 221 N Fulton Ave

1 non-critical violation

Mandarin Garden; 2013 N Green River Rd.

2 non-critical violations

2 critical violations - Grease trap log not being kept, sanitizing bucket for wipe cloths.

Reliable Care; 5130 Vogel Rd.

1 critical violation - Facility does not have a grease trap.

Wesselman's Weinbach; 1 N Weinbach 

1 non-critical violation

1 critical violation - Improper storage of spray bottle.

Cheddars; 2100 N Green River Rd.

2 non-critical violations

1 critical violation - Pots and pans have food debris present.

Hobo Jungle; 1323 S Barker Ave

1 non-critical violation

1 critical violation - Storing mop head in hand sink.

Jungle Restaurant; 415 Main St.

3 critical violations - Lacking certified food safety employee for facility, using bare hands in making sandwich, storing chemicals on top of ice machine.

Pizza Hut #316299; 4700 W Lloyd Expressway

1 non-critical violation

1 critical violation - Lack documented grease trap log.

Carousel; 5115 Monroe Ave.

3 non-critical violations

Big M's Pizzeria; 1424 N. Main

3 non-critical violations

2 critical violations - Rodent bait not contained in covered bait station, no chemical sanitizer available. 

Fish House; 1203 N. Main

1 critical violation - No certified food safety employee.

Holy Spirit Bingo; 1750 Lodge

2 non-critical violations

Emge Deli & Ice Cream; 206/208 Main St,

1 critical violation - Food certification has expired.

El Charro; 720 Sonntag Ave.

1 non-critical violation

1 critical violation - Steak strips 93 F and not reheated to required 165 F before placing in warmer. 

Show Me's; 1700 Morgan Center Dr.

2 non-critical violations

Howard Johnson; 1101 N Green River Rd.

1 non-critical violation

Circle K #2262; 3105 First Ave.

1 non-critical violation

Los Bravos; 4630 W Lloyd Expressway

3 critical violations - Storing raw animal product over vegetables in reach in & walk in cooler, improper cooling of bulk container of food, kitchen hand sink not operational for hand washing.

Madeleines; 423 SE Second St.

1 non-critical violation

China Express; 1505 S Governor St.

1 non-critical violation

Crazy Buffet; 619 N Burkhardt

1 non-critical violation

Thorntons; 2401 Morgan Ave.

1 non-critical violation

Gunslinger's BBQ; 1430 W Franklin St.

2 non-critical violations

2 critical violations - Serving holding refrigerator measured at 50 F, baked beans in walk in cooler measured 60 F after over night cooling.

Rosie's Diner; 1423 W Maryland St.

3 non-critical violations

2 critical violations - Cats in storage room shed, open rodenticide baiting station on shelving of stock room. 

No Violations

St. Joe Inn; 9515 St. Wendel Rd.

Gardo's Italian Oven; 13220 Darmstadt Rd. 

Red Lobster; 4605 Bellemeade

Zoups; 6240 N Virginia

Olive Garden; 1100 N. Green River Rd.

O'Charley's; 7301 E Indiana

Sunset Market; 507 E Powell Ave.

Long John Silvers #29; 4625 W Pennsylvania St.

Acropolis; 501 N. Green River Rd.

Brickhouse Bar; 201 W. Illinois

Twilight Bistro; 221 Main St.

Gasoline Alley; 3526 Interstate Dr.

Moto Mart; 6328 Division St

Holiday Hills; 1200 W Buena Vista

Salvation Army Community Center; 1040 N Fulton Ave.

PJ's Bar; 1501 W Florida St.

Baskin Robbins; 848 S. Green River Rd.

Kipplees Stadium Inn; 2350 E. Division St.

Kipplees Party House; 2322 E. Division St.

Aztar Pavilion; 450 NW Riverside Dr.

Backstage Bar & Grill; 8524 Main St.

Bits & Bytes; 216 NW Fourth St.

Club Royale; 2131 W Franklin St.

Major Munch; 101 NW First St.

Mary & Martha's LLC; 617 Bellemeade

St. John's Soup Kitchen; 617 Bellemeade Ave.

Casino Aztar Hotel/Conference Center/Temptation Buffet; 421 NW Riverside Dr.

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