113th Congress

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Congress

Congress ushers in new and old today, with dozens of eager freshmen determined to change Washington and the harsh reality of another stretch of bitterly divided government. The 113th Congress will convene at the constitutionally required time of noon for pomp, pageantry and politics as newly elected members of the House and Senate are sworn in and the speaker of the House is chosen. The traditions come against the backdrop of a mean season that closed out an angry election year.

New Owensboro Leaders

The City of Owensboro will add some new names and faces to its leadership tonight. Alyssa Hansen is live at Sunrise to tell us about the special ceremony.

Money Matters

Stocks went through the roof Wednesday helped by a deal to avert the "fiscal cliff."  Our Money Matters expert will let us know if that trend can continue.

Remembering Sam

Keeping his dream alive is what friends and classmates of Sam Featherstone promise to do to honor the 19 year old who died Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. A prayer service will be held tonight and Emily Mieure has details on how you can help remember Sam.

Cold Start, Warming up

High pressure will keep a northerly wind over the area through Friday.  Daily highs will rise into the lower 30s, and overnight lows will dip into the teens and lower 20s.  A slight warm up is on the way for the weekend, as temps rise to near 40 on Saturday.  A few snow showers will be possible Saturday night and Sunday. Byron has details.

So stay warm and enjoy your day.

See you on Sunrise.


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