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Man falls asleep behind wheel crashes into light pole

Just before 2:30 Thursday morning, officials say a man driving a Cavalier fell asleep and hit a pole.

It happened in front of 1707 Covert Avenue.

The pole was sheared in half, and the car was flipped upside down.

Officials say the man was already out of the car and walking around when emergency crews arrived.

They say he was coherent while being taken to the hospital.

The car wrecked right in front of Bill Simmons house. "I heard a loud boom, I knew it was an accident," says Simmons.  "I thought maybe two cars had hit. I jumped out looked out the window and saw the car upside down in the front yard, the telephone pole broke. I called 911, got dressed and ran out and made sure the young boy was alright. He was walking around trying to get back in the car looking for his cell phone."

Dispatch says that area of Covert is blocked off for now until further notice as crews work to repair the pole.

We'll keep you posted.

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