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Owensboro Police Department brings in three new officers


If you've ever wanted to become a police officer, you know the opportunity doesn't come around often.

Police departments only take on new recruits a couple of times a year. But recently, the Owensboro Police Department hired three. 

Some people wait their whole lives to land their dream job. Wednesday was that day for one Owensboro recruit.

B.J. Ferguson was born and raised in Owensboro and wanted to go into law enforcement in order to help his community.

"I've always wanted a career in doing something that I knew would make an impact on someone's life," Ferguson said.

Ferguson and two other recruits were recently hired by the Owensboro Police Department after a six month long hiring process.

"What we're looking for when we're hiring somebody is obviously a strong desire to serve their community. Two, we want them to be mature and want them to have good common sense," said David Powell with OPD. 

Shaun Schroader was at his former job when he was offered the job at the police department. He says the call was a relief.

"I wasn't expecting it. I knew it was an Owensboro number. I got the phone call and it was Sergeant Powell and he offered me the job. As soon as he said those words, a kind of weight was lifted off my shoulders," Schroader said.

The recruits have already started their training and have a long road ahead.

"I feel we will be doing well over the next couple of weeks training together and being prepared for the job we are about to do," said Craig Ball, another new recruit.

All three recruits will have to go through months of training with the department and attend a police academy. They will be finished in the fall.

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