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New year renews need for blood donations

The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center in Owensboro needs your help. They need your blood for the six hospitals they serve. 

The first week of the new year tends to be one of the times when there's a high demand for blood donations. For people like Hawesville resident Joseph Carrico, the decision to donate is an easy one.  

"I've been giving blood basically since I was old enough to give blood pretty much regularly," Carrico said.  

After his dad was diagnosed with cancer, Carrico started giving platelets as well, like he did on Wednesday. He explains how just one person can help so many others.  

"Like they say, you save three lives giving blood, and there's usually a pretty good demand for it," Carrico said.

That's particularly true right now.   

"It is survival time for us, and we supplement that with platelet donors. We invite people to the center. We have other special events to get them to come in and donate blood," said Vicki Ellis, the director of donor resources.  

The greatest need right now is for universal donors with O-negative blood. For the center, the hardest part can be encouraging people to donate.  

"I think a lot of people have some really big misconceptions about the donation process, and what they may experience while they're here," Ellis said.  

"Some of them don't know that it is easy to give. I mean, it just takes, to give blood is only, what, 30 minutes out of your time?" Carrico said.

That half hour can impact a recipient for years to come.  

"It doesn't hurt, so it can always help somebody," Carrico said.  

If you would like to come in to donate blood, you don't even have to make an appointment. The center's open Monday through Friday.

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