Saying goodbye...

Two days into 2013, and I've done two stories about babies.  Not too shabby!  I only wish today's story would have had a happier ending.

The couple I interviewed was heartbroken over a new Russian law prohibiting Americans from adopting Russian children.  This couple has been trying for years to become parents (both naturally and through adoption), and now they are being forced to take yet another step back.

For the third time, they've received referrals for children (pictures, medical records and all that), only to have the children taken away.  The first time a grandparent decided they didn't want the kids to be adopted.  The second time, the children were visited in the orphanage (I think the rule is they cannot be adopted if they have received a visit within the last year).  So each time they get attached, pick out names and dream about their future family.  And so far, each time, they've had those dreams ripped away from them.  So sad!!

They told me they had everything all ready for their little girls—clothes, toys, even a picture book about Russian children being adopted that was signed by the author—and now… they wait.

The positive thing I could take away from this interview and this couple is that they are staying strong, relying on their faith to get through things.  They say they aren't giving up on becoming parents.  Hopefully they do one day end up with children of their own, and hopefully those children will know just how much they were wanted!

One other note I wanted to mention—recent Memorial graduate Sam Featherstone, just 19 years old, sadly lost his battle with brain cancer this morning.  From what I'd read on the facebook page his family updates, Sam was ready to be with the Lord.  His mother posted that he is now "walking cancer-free in heaven".  That is nice to think about:)

Sam was able to spend one last Christmas with his family and be surrounded by supporters at a benefit last week to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research.  He really was SAMSTRONG!

Two good examples of things that are so much bigger than most of the things many of us worry about every day…

Until next time,