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Local daycare evacuated due to gas leak

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A Warrick County daycare was evacuated this morning because of a gas leak.

A worker at Turtle Town Daycare on Telephone Road in Newburgh says 14 children, ranging from two to four years old, were taken to another daycare just down the road.

We're told Vectren and fire crews were able to shut off gas to daycare. Officials say they still haven't determined a cause of the gas leak. 

Fire officials did determine very quickly was that the levels of gas in the home daycare were extremely high and had reached the "lower explosive limit."

They say kids began arrived around 6:00 in the morning, they had already had breakfast, and it wasn't until after 9:00 a.m., they smelled a very poignant gas odor.

Four staff members were there and acted quickly. They tell 14 News, the smell was unmistakable.

Staff members grabbed kids others grabbed coats and got outside as quickly as possible.

The children were taken just down the road to another Turtle Town Daycare.

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