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Local law enforcement pleased with low DUI numbers on New Year's Eve

Local police departments reported very few DUI arrests overnight. They say some may be surprised by that, but they say the low numbers are actually quite common on New Year's Eve.

With all the drinking and partying that accompanies New Year's Eve, some may assume it would be one of the busiest times of the year for police. But officers 14 News spoke to on Tuesday say that's not the case, and that there are a few reasons why.

When Aaron Kaucher with Indiana State Police was asked if that is pretty typical to see less DUI arrests on New Year's, he responded,"It generally is that way, at least from what I can remember."

Kaucher says his post made just one DUI arrest last night.

"People know they're going to be drinking, they know we're going to be out there looking for them. So, they just go ahead and take the precautions. Plus they're being more careful, since it is the holidays," Kaucher said.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office combined with the Henderson, Evansville, and Indiana State Police for a total of just eleven DUI arrests.

Henderson Police Officer Jenny Richmond says that's because more and more people understand the risk of drinking and driving, especially on New Year's Eve.

"You know, we try to get the message out. Just, not only to be responsible, but to let people know there will be more officers out and there will be increased enforcement during this time period," Richmond said.

Police also credit the availability of public transportation with the lower DUI rate during this holiday. Unity Taxi offered free rides to potential impaired drivers this new year's which is something GM Bill Kramer is proud of.

"We do this every year with Woods & Woods. We've been doing it as long, with them, as we've existed. They've been doing it, you know, providing rides even before we existed. Really we want people to, you know, to know that there's never a good time to drink and drive. It's never a good time to drink and drive," Kramer said.

All-in-all, local police are pleased with the relatively low number of DUI arrests, and officers say they hope this trend continues into the future. local law enforcement please with low DUI numbers on New Year's Eve

"Our main goal is, let's end a year and start a year on good note," Richmond said.

Police say another contributing factor to the low number of DUI's was the threat of severe weather. Though police also reported very few car accidents in the Evansville area overnight.

Also of note, Kentucky State Police Post 16 reported just five DUI arrests this new year's.

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