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Doctors offices staying busy this holiday season

If you haven't been hit by some kind of cough, cold or bug lately, consider yourself lucky, because lots of people have. 

Doctors say they've been busy treating people this holiday season.

On Monday, the waiting room at some of the west side St. Mary's Convenient Care had quite a few people inside not feeling well. 

At a Deaconess Urgent Care across town, a long wait. 

It seems all the sickness going around, combined with the holidays and maybe some regular doctor's offices being closed, is making for a very busy time at convenient and urgent cares.

"It comes every year, it does. You don't know when but, you know, you get ready for it," mom, Brandy Utley said. 

That time of year, the season of being sick, is here. 

"Sore throats, coughs, sinus problems, we'll see bronchitis," said Dr. John Moran with Deaconess Urgent Care. 

And it seems to be hitting the Tri-State hard.

"Everybody at work is, they come in with a sore throat a bad cough and they've got to constantly blow their nose and just try to stay away from it," Utley said.

So far, Utley and her kids have stayed healthy.

But she's ready, if or more likely when something hits.

"As soon as you hear a little cough or a sniffle or something, you just kind of, you start giving them a little medicine a little early and hopefully it takes care of it all," Utley said.

For many though, over-the-counter medicines just aren't cutting it.  

Dr. Moran says they've been busy the past two or three weeks. The most common thing he's seeing is respiratory issues.

And the flu, it's not going anywhere.

"I would say we're picking up. We're picking up," Dr. Moran said.

Over at St. Mary's, it's more of the same.

"What our physicians are reporting is that the kind of stomach illnesses sort of peaked around Thanksgiving. It seems to be quieting down somewhat, at least what they're seeing more of are kind of bronchitis, pneumonia and influenza," said Laura Forbes, St. Mary's Medical Center spokesperson.

Doctors say it's not too late to get a flu shot, and of course with so much going around, be sure to wash your hands.

"Definitely, you do that automatically no matter what time of year it is. You make sure you wash your hands. You keep germs down as much as possible," Utley said.

Doctors also remind us to take care of ourselves, get enough sleep, and watch that diet. 

They say if you are sick try to stay home and keep your germs to yourself.

Some good news about the flu. We're told what doctors are seeing is covered by this year's flu shot.

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