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Tell City ready to make tradition out of their first New Year's Eve celebration


Tell City is holding its first ever New Year's Eve celebration Monday night. 

Event organizers say they're putting together what they hope will become a tradition.

They are gearing up for the first ever New Year's Eve celebration, Silvesternacht, that will conclude with the dropping of an apple at midnight.

"It's our first year ever, and I hope to have a tradition set forth for many years to come," said Eric Kehl.

Kehl is the chairman of Tell City's Quality of Life Committee. Named in honor of the town's Swiss heritage, Kehl says Silvesternacht will feature healthy family activities.

"Kids can swim, they can play basketball, they can eat dance, whatever they want to do at the high school until 10:30 p.m.. Then they come down here tonight," Kehl said.

Kehl says hay rides, live music, and a fun run will all be a part of the celebration downtown.

Assistant chairman of the Silvesternacht project, Tony Hollinden, says this event is integral to growing a stronger quality of life for Tell City residents.

"We have a core group of people in our community that believe that quality of life comes from coming up with different ideas, some small, and we've done some small ideas, and some big. This is just another new idea that we're gonna use," Hollinden said.

Hollinden says those ideas include the building of the new events center and the new greenway. Monday night's dropping of the apple could mark a new beginning for Tell City. One of growth and prosperity.

"We hope that it goes over well and that it becomes a tradition, like so many other events that we have here in Tell City," Hollinden said.

Hollinden says the celebration will go on as scheduled, no matter what weather conditions they might face. 

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