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Families mourn the loss of loved ones after tragic weekend accident

Homer and Lela Meriwether. Homer and Lela Meriwether.
Thomas Hodgson. Thomas Hodgson.

On Monday night, families are mourning the deaths of three people killed in a one vehicle accident this weekend.

The driver of a pickup truck hit a guardrail, went airborne and crashed into a house. The driver was killed, and so was a couple sleeping inside that house.

Both families are devastated over this tragic accident.

The accident killed Homer and Lela Meriwether, a couple who spent most of their lives together being married nearly 60 years, and the driver, Thomas Hodgson described as a loving, caring and mature 24-year old.

Monday, his family expressed their condolences.

"We just want the other family to know we are thinking of them, know that Thomas would never hurt a fly, and he would be absolutely devastated to know what he's done to your family. Our hearts and prayers go out to them," said Mary and Chris Tucker. Mary is Thomas' aunt and Chris is Thomas' cousin.

Thomas Hodgson's family is devastated over their loss, but also offering their condolences to the family of the couple killed in the crash.

Police say 24-year-old Thomas Hodgson was driving east on Riverside Drive when he hit a guardrail, became airborne, crashing into the Meriwether's home about 2:15 Sunday morning, killing all three.

"From what I understand he was leaving a friend's house that night, whether he was unaware of that curve I don't know. A lot of the streets had black ice on them, and I just hope that is what is involved," Chris said. 

Neighbors to the Meriwethers say the couple was aware of the dangerous curve and had installed concrete poles in their yard.

But the precautions didn't help when Hodgson's pick up truck went through two bedrooms and came out the back of the home.

"Our hearts go out to the other family, but people need to know that Thomas has grown up and taken care of his mother and two sisters all of his life. He worked two jobs and is a great kid. As far as I'm concerned, he was like a brother to me. He helps me with everything around this house," Chris said.

Hodgson worked at Berry Plastics and at Papa Johns in Newburgh. His family says when he wasn't working, he was helping his mother at home.

"It's devastating for her and all of us," Mary said. 

It may be several weeks before we know the factors that led to the crash.

The Meriwether's funeral will be held at the Browning Funeral Home. Hodgson's at the Alexander Funeral Home in Newburgh.

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