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Is your car ready for icy conditions?

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How prepared are you to drive in icy conditions? The snow's tough, but freezing rain is dangerous.

Ed Dietz at Lefler Collision and Glass says slow and steady wins every time when it comes to driving in snow and ice.

But to be completely safe, he says you've got some homework to do before you hit the road.

"Tire pressure is the biggest thing and it's probably one of the most missed diagnosed things out there because of the difference in what the tire says and what the manufacturer says," Dietz said.

Ed says low tire pressure can cause several problems.

"It'll cause tires to wear poorly and cause traction problems."

And traction is what you need during icy conditions.

"The majority of the problems we see for folks, driving wasn't the issue. Stopping was the issue," Dietz said.

Another thing to check is your antifreeze.

"Our vehicle shouldn't use antifreeze, but we do need to check it to make sure the protection level is where it needs to be because antifreeze will get dirty and lose its protection value over years time," Dietz said.

We caught up with Kevin Gerteisen before he left for a long drive. He has a check list for when he knows a snow event is coming.

"I constantly check my air pressure for my vehicle and my son's vehicle. Also, I check the radiator, the window washer levels and go around and make sure I have my ice scraper in my vehicle and some de-icer," Gerteisen said.

One last piece of advice, make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape. You should replace them once a year.

Ed also says to be extra careful when it comes to checking your anti-freeze. The liquids come in several different colors now and it's dangerous to mix them.

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