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While roads may look clear, low temperatures could cause current snow to turn to ice

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Last night parts of the Tri-State saw anywhere from three to nearly seven inches of snow.

In Vanderburgh County, the roads may look clear, but some of that ice has started to freeze on the roadways, causing it to be hazardous for drivers. Friday night, drivers say that some areas were unrecognizable after the second round of snowfall and officials are warning people to slow down tonight.

"They were really sludgy and the snow was coming down so hard it was really hard to see," said Evansville resident Kara Shook. "I felt like I was in outer space trying to drive."

More like a winter wonderland, turned dangerous for some drivers.

Wet snow and freezing temperatures turned interstates into skating rinks. At one point, officials urged drivers to stay off Highway 41 while plows cleared and treated the area.

One Posey County resident says she was forced to avoid travel after crews didn't make it to her street in Mt. Vernon.

"We got about four inches of snow last night and we tried to get out down the street and we were just fish tailing and my husband said 'Well, it's not worth it' because we didn't know the condition of any of the other streets so we just came back," said Patty Janik.

Janik says the heavy snowfall has kept her from work in Evansville.

"There's other people that live out in rural areas that, you know, haven't been able to get to work, so they're pretty understanding."

It's not about an inconvenience for Patti. She say's it's a matter of safety.

"We have a handicapped daughter, so if there's an emergency, we wouldn't be able to get out very well, it would take us a long time just to get to the main street."

Officials say they've been working to get the secondary street plowed and treated, but many of the county roads are still covered, and with blowing snow, some impassable.

As temperatures dip down into the teens Saturday night, crews say they will be watching for ice on the roads, but as always, drivers need to slow down and use caution.

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