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Henderson Colonels raise over $6,000 for United Way


Over $6,000 was raised this year for Henderson United Way thanks to Henderson County High School and the Colonels' Corner Bank Student United Way Director Jake Walker. 

"The purpose of the campaign drive was to inform staff and faculty at Henderson County High School about the excellent cause of United Way, create incentives, and maximize donations to United Way," said Jake Walker. "I truly enjoyed helping with the fundraising efforts and seeing people come together to help those in our community."

United Way of Henderson County is locally governed. United Way raises money through donations and then distributes it to local organizations. Organizations must meet the criteria that they impact the community in education, income, or health.

There are 19 different organizations that Henderson United Way supports. These range from the Red Cross, to the Volunteer Information Center, to Christian Community Outreach. All of these groups are evaluated annually and are deemed by the United Way of Henderson County Board to best meet the community's needs.

The Henderson United Way campaign drive started October 15th and ended on November 15th at Henderson County High School.

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