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The stomach flu strikes!

Wow.  I don't know what else to say?!  Our family stomach flu count is now up to 20!!!  I, as I thought I may be, was out sick yesterday.  Lucky for me, I seem to have caught a weaker strain.  My little (read—younger) brother, however, was apparently really suffering earlier today. 

You see, some family members were sick and missed our annual Christmas Eve dinner at my grandparents' house.  Apparently some of their germs still seeped through via other loved ones… and here we are.  My mom keeps texting me things like "misery loves company" and "another one bites the dust" as she updates me on who is sick now.  I guess it will be a Christmas to remember, eh??  Hope everyone feels better soon!  Mine didn't last long (thankfully!).  The one hope now is that my brother's poor girlfriend (who was at Christmas dinner) doesn't get hit.  She is a bridesmaid in her only brother's wedding TOMORROW!  Eek—Jennie, hope you stay in the clear!!

In other news… more snow is coming!  I'm sure everyone's heard by now.  Fun, fun!  You know, I liked snow soooo much more as a child.  Didn't we all?  Back then snow meant no school (if you got really lucky), sledding, snowball fights.  Now it means grumbling about driving and enjoying standing outside in it during live shotsJ  BUT… that's not to say I wouldn't think about doing some sledding or snowball fighting this weekend if the opportunity arose…

On that note, hope everyone stays safe tonight and this weekend.  As any reporter would say during inclement weather, slow it down out there!

Until next time,



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