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Air show returning to Owensboro in 2013

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The city of Owensboro is hoping to build on the success of this year's air show, with another one planned for next year.

Some businesses in downtown Owensboro are excited to hear the cities announcement of another air show on the riverfront. They say the event brings excitement and more business to the area.

Earlier this year, George Skiadas sensed some excitement in the air. He left his downtown business to investigate and found the buzz in the sky.

"I've seen air shows before, but probably 20 years ago," he said. "They are nothing like they were 20 years ago. The response from the crowed was immediate. They were just tuned in."

Skiadas and other downtown business owners are excited for another air show to be coming to Owensboro.

This year's event brought 13,000 people to the Owensboro riverfront. Famous Bistro saw an increase in business that day and they are hoping for the same size crowd next year.

"It's exciting! You have people waiting for tables. We try to help everyone that comes through the door. We added tables outside," Skiadas said.

Skiadas says his restaurant will be ready for the increased business brought by the air show and is even excited to watch the event.

The exact date of the air show has not been determined yet. The city plans on announcing the date next month.

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