Easier to digest…Gastroenterology Assoc. announce new name

Gastroenterology Associates announced today that they have changed their practice name to Digestive Care Center, effective immediately.

The change resulted from a reevaluation of the old name and a market analysis that showed there is a cloud of mystery surrounding Gastroenterology. Digestive Care Center is not only more descriptive but it is "Easier to Digest".

During the past several years Gastroenterology Associates has continually expanded its services to become the area's comprehensive solution for patients' digestive care needs. As a part of this ongoing effort, the name change best defines the practice and their role in the community.

"This change is very important for us since we now have a name that is not only easier to say and remember, but also clearly describes all of the services we provide." said Butch Moors, Administrator and CFO of Digestive Care Center.

The new logo, a butterfly in flight, represents freedom, freedom from the worry and discomfort that often accompany digestive ailments, as well as freedom from not knowing there are treatment options for these issues.

The new name and logo will position the practice for a rebranding campaign that will focus on inspiring the community to become more informed and proactive about their digestive health.

As the tri-state's leader in digestive health for over 40 years, this campaign will ask patients to look to the Digestive Care Center for the care they need. "In order to help people, we have to reach people, connect with them in a way that we haven't in the past, and we feel with our new name and rebranding efforts, we will do just that." said Marketing Director Jamie Chapman.

The goal is to educate the community on all the services provided at Digestive Care Center and to provide all services under one roof. The Center's commitment to improving the patient experience with new technology is further conveyed in the newly remodeled endoscopy center where we are continually enhancing services to provide a comfortable environment and procedures that are as pain free for patients as possible.

Recent changes include the use of Propofol sedation which increasing the level of sedation and decreases recovery time and the use of CO2 for colon insufflation which decreases pain caused from trapped air in the body that has to be passed. "We hope to be the answer to patient's digestive discomfort/ issues and offer the most comprehensive care in a patient centered environment." said Marketing Director, Jamie Chapman.

Other than the identity, the logistics remain the same. The location, contact information, ownership and dedicated group of physicians and staff all remain as they were before. There is a new website, www.dccevv.com that offers a patient portal for access to patient records and online appointment request.

About Digestive Care Center

Digestive Care Center is the area's leading provider of digestive health services known in the community for the quality of care, customer service and ease of access.

Founded in 1971 as a single physician practice, they have steadily grown through the years to be the area's largest Gastroenterology practice, helping thousands of people overcome serious digestive problems, improve their digestive health and enjoy a better quality of life.

Digestive Care Center is a team of 8 Gastroenterologists and 10 Acute Care Nurse Practitioners, devoted to the full range of GI diseases and conditions, including colonoscopy, stomach pain, colon cancer and heart burn among other conditions and diseases. All of Digestive Care Center physicians are board certified in Gastroenterology and provide complete consultative services involving diseases of the digestive organs.

Digestive Care Center has a physician owned endoscopy center where they perform over 10,000 procedures a year. There is also a pathology lab and on site pathologists for faster path results which leads to faster diagnosing and quicker treatment.

(Taken from Press Release from Digestive Care Center)