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Evansville travel advisory ends at midnight, but authorities still urging caution

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Road crews are out again Wednesday night getting ready for the morning commute.

Traffic on the Lloyd is moving smoothly, but it's some side roads that remain the most treacherous.

The travel advisory issued in Evansville will expire at midnight, but drivers are still being urged to use extreme caution when traveling city and county roadways.

Wednesday was a mixture of stuck vehicles, slipping and sliding, trying to gain traction after more than seven inches of snow.

INDOT and city crews say they're now concentrating on clearing the rest of the roadways and turn lanes.

They're removing snow and laying down de-icer.

Crews say the problem is this thick heavy, slushy snow. It compacts on the roads, and now that it's cold, it's turning to ice.

We spoke with some drivers Wednesday about the conditions.

"We haven't had a problem," noted driver Kim Bengert. "We skid a little bit but nothing that went into a spin or anything. We're doing pretty good."

"Drive to the conditions, you know," said driver Greg Baumgart. "Slow down and stay to the grooves and stay off the roads as much as possible."

Cher Elliott with INDOT says there's a real danger of slick spots and black ice Wednesday night.

To our north in Knox County, they've issued a travel warning, restricting travel to only emergency personnel.

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