Getting stuck...

Happy Blizzard Day!  I feel funny even calling it that since it's really not THAT much snow.  During my one winter in Chicago, we had what I'd call a real blizzard—so much snow!!!!  But, for us here in Southern Indiana, I guess it's not badJ

By now, I've survived the day (spent mostly in Posey County), but I'm afraid I may be getting a stomach bug that's been going around my family.  So if you don't see me on air tomorrow, that's probably what's going on.  BUT, let's hope not!

You know, a lot of people got stuck today while out and about.  I am one of them.  I tried to come up the hill to the station this morning in my Camry and just didn't quite make it.  Really, I wasn't even that close!  Had to reverse back down, park and get a lift up!  Then in Posey County I was with the sheriff checking out a bad road.  He was helping me turn around to get out to the main road when I got going too fast (thinking I was in the clear)… and got stuck.  On the bright side, I guess if you're going to get stuck... getting stuck with the sheriff there is pretty ideal!

Here's a picture of a Good Samaritan helping me push it out.  (That's the sheriff in the driver's seat.  He pushed while I steered at first, but it was a two-person job.  I decided I should film it and put it on tv:))

Anyway, we made it after a few tries.  I hope everyone stays safe out there!!  Good night to stay in and cuddle up on the couch or bed… at least that's what I'm planning to do!

Until next time,